The humble beginnings of an Epic Journey

Three months. Nothing. Not a post. There has been nothing really concrete enough to post on. Oh, a lot has happened – the minutiae of a daily life. Victories, defeats, pushing through. Celebrations – sweet and otherwise. Getting up and getting on when one really doesn’t want to. Putting things in order – the never-ending mom chore. Just why does this task fall to moms? Or is it a task we take on and then, one day, find that we have kept a system in order that wasn’t ours to keep?

Youngest son and I just returned from a multi-day trip that involved flying down to sunny Florida and picking up a smaller RV that will serve as home base as we began an Epic Journey. Yes, there’s an Epic Journey coming – one that will most probably take years to complete – one that will be done piece by piece, as time and finances allow, all the while living the minutiae of a daily life. We’ll start, then stop for more celebrations, a victory party with some, walking through defeats with others, weddings, funerals, birthdays. In the meantime, youngest son will morph from man child to more man than child, and finally leave behind the childish years of youth as he strikes out on an Epic Journey all of his own.

At that point, I will move on. I know this sounds like I am all alone in my journey but I am not. Husband and I journey together, and will continue to do so, for the most part, but he doesn’t want any part of an Epic Journey at this point in his life. So that part will be mine.

I hope you’ll stay tuned as I begin to document that journey, starting with an encounter in Florida that still echoes in my heart.

But I will save that for another day.