Out the door and into the wild blue yonder!

There’s this nervous excitement in the stomach the days leading up to a trip.  Must be all the possibilities swirling around.  As we spontaneously travel (i.e. no set schedule but just a general idea) maybe it really is just nerves:  will we find places to boondock?; will the travel funds last until we are satisfied we’ve done what we set out to accomplish?; will the weather turn and it end up stifling hot/freezing cold?  This and many other questions stick with me as we (read Mom) preps the van, preps the food, and preps the clothes for another adventure.

Jonah, our 1996 D190P.
These little baskets fit perfectly in the shelves and keep things from rattling around. $1 each!

Jonah, our big white whale of a 1996 Roadtrek Popular, has had a lot of things done to him since we made our Canada trip last March.  Some involved fixing the poorly done winterizing job (which we paid a pretty penny for) as we made our way out of Florida 8 short months ago.  Spring came and so did the time to de-winterize.  Panic postings on the Roadtrek Facebook group for support brought a very kind offer to assist.  It was then we found three leaks and an improperly installed water heater bypass.  Oh my!  No wonder de-winterizing wasn’t going as expected.  So now with a properly installed hot water bypass and a water pump bypass (and three leaks resolved) we are good to go if we run into an unexpected cold snap, though that really shouldn’t be a concern even if we are heading north this time of year.  The fridge has been pulled and thoroughly cleaned up and now we have propane working to keep everything cold.  This was a big plus as previously we only ran on 12V and electric as the propane would work 10 minutes and then go out.  Since we boondock and don’t have solar, electric doesn’t do much to assist.  So we can plan to take more of our food, resulting in savings but also allowing location flexibility.

Dollar Tree has become our friend as we continue to find small, inexpensive hacks to assist with organization.  Yesterday’s finds included a plastic soap dish and a plastic cup and toothbrush holder, both with suction cups.  Plus three sunglass holders that fit perfectly over the ledge above our heads.  For a dollar an item, if you don’t like the hack or it doesn’t hold up, no worries as you haven’t broken the bank.

Love these cheapo hacks. This holds hats, sweaters and all sorts of things. Though made for a door, they fit perfectly in the van.

Then there’s the question of am I bringing enough things to do?  Not knowing where we’ll end up or what we’ll be doing makes it hard to judge what to bring along.  So I settled for a book I’ve been needing to get to and some recipes I need to look over and make a menu plan with (as we’ll launch into school mode when we return).  Man child is bringing a small fishing pole and some tackle, a baseball and a small scooter that folds down.  We’ve also got lots of audio books on my smartphone to listen to as the miles go by.

Go Sun Solar oven. Pic from their website.

Also making the cut is the Go Sun solar oven we received after posting a picture of Jonah on the Roadtreking website.  We are bringing things that can be cooked in this long, narrow tube solar oven and plan to experiment around with it.  We found the perfect place to transport it under the back driver’s side bed.  Win!

So it’s T-minus 12 hours until take off.  Hip, hip Hooray!  We’ll keep you posted.