Happy 1st Birthday Dreaddies

It’s been one year officially!  The dreads I never wanted to get are now one year old and I have to say I just love them.  They’ve grown lots this year.  It’s amazing!  I really see from these pics the difference between how bleached out they got with all the rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide treatments done in South America trying to kill the lice picked up from an Ecuadorian hotel.  That’s my real color growing in.

Cannot wait to see them in a year!


Day one up above — Pippy Longstocking-ish!


One year later!  That’s a lot of growth!  Looking forward to wearing them up and in lots of fun dreaddie styles!

Move Over Moab!

Stumbled on a magical place today looking to walk our pup, Pablo.  We were in Buena Vista, CO for a rafting trip and I was whiling away the time while the kiddos rafted.  In the midst of the day good old Pablo needed a walk, so I parked off Main St. at the park.  I noted there were showers and public restrooms together (always appreciated when one is one the road).  As I walked on down to South Main St. I came upon this wonderful little area that reminded me so much of Moab, Utah, but on a much more intimate scale.  Cannot speak highly enough of Buena Vista’s South Main area!  Worth a visit!

Here’s some photos:

Houses around the area.  Many in the Modern Craftsman style.

Friday afternoon Farmer’s Market – 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Fun artsy touches in the park and the surrounding area.  Look at that great use of an old pallet!


I saw two parks with climbing rocks for the kiddos.  Free fun!

Incredible views from everywhere in Buena Vista.  The Arkansas River runs right along South Main and many walking trails were in the area.



So. Many. Transitions.  How do we manage them all in our lives today?  Mine seem acute right at this moment – moving from a Rainbow Gathering back into what is termed “Babylon”.  So basically unplugged and in a different world for a couple of weeks back into a very plugged in, very tethered world.

This trip I have been on the road for 7 weeks…..each day much like the other, when traveling in the van.  I joke I am going to put a perpetual calendar in the Roadtrek to tell me what day it is and what the date is.  So different than life at home where the day it is determines the activity of the day.  But both awesome and enjoyed, in their own ways.  It’s just the transitions that take time for me and my brain.  The living in the moment of either world works well, I have found, but the brain needs time to segue in and out of modes.  At least mine does.

It’s a privilege to live in both these worlds.  I take none of it for granted.  Right now the van is parked outside of my son and his wife’s world and they have allowed the man child and I to step into their lives for a few days.  We’ll celebrate the man child’s golden birthday here (14 on the 14th) with a few surprises his older brother has planned.  Memories in the making.  And I’ll continue to process the transitions in my brain while living fully in the moment.  I don’t know how else to do it.

Sweet new friend, Dario, and I at the evening gathering at Rainbow.  He spent much time teaching me photography and walked miles to his car to get me a replacement SD card when mine malfunctioned.  Enjoyed our time Dario!