Move Over Moab!

Stumbled on a magical place today looking to walk our pup, Pablo.  We were in Buena Vista, CO for a rafting trip and I was whiling away the time while the kiddos rafted.  In the midst of the day good old Pablo needed a walk, so I parked off Main St. at the park.  I noted there were showers and public restrooms together (always appreciated when one is one the road).  As I walked on down to South Main St. I came upon this wonderful little area that reminded me so much of Moab, Utah, but on a much more intimate scale.  Cannot speak highly enough of Buena Vista’s South Main area!  Worth a visit!

Here’s some photos:

Houses around the area.  Many in the Modern Craftsman style.

Friday afternoon Farmer’s Market – 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Fun artsy touches in the park and the surrounding area.  Look at that great use of an old pallet!


I saw two parks with climbing rocks for the kiddos.  Free fun!

Incredible views from everywhere in Buena Vista.  The Arkansas River runs right along South Main and many walking trails were in the area.


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