Welcome Home! Of a different variety.

Indiana Road Sign

Sweet home Indiana!  After 13 days and numerous van issues (transmission fun) it was without a doubt, a great joy to enter into Indiana.  For the first time in a long time, I return filled with joy & hope, knowing without a doubt the way forward into the future and why I am situated where I am at this point in my life.

Does leaving all that you have and stepping into an alternate reality like the Rainbow Gathering morph out to create waves into your own life?  It cannot help but do so.  I don’t think I have EVER been so grateful for hot showers, warm beds, washing machines, toilets that flush (and aren’t in the ground) and all those creature comforts we Americans take for granted.  Running water!  How could I forget that!  But beyond creature comforts, for me, the Gathering has helped coalesce and focus a whole host of things to point me in a direction from which there is no return.

After 6 days in the woods, this was a glorious site to see!  Hotel toilet.


Look for more posts in the days ahead.  In the meantime, you’ll notice our tag line has changed – the man child leaves “tween” behind to enter “teen” this next week.  I made it home for that big event (Thank you God!) and Monday we begin the celebration of him and his moving from man child to man teen?  Man-in-training?  Man of the moment?  I don’t know.  I’ll give it some thought.  Man child is growing up, as we all are, and after so many events in this last week, which only appeared on my radar well after they occurred, I am going to celebrate his coming of age at such a time as this and all that is planned for his sweet life.

Celebrate with us folks!  Celebrate life!  Celebrate toilets!  Choose gratitude today.  What do you have in your life that you are thankful for?  I know for many, life is hard and filled with tough choices.  But I challenge you to choose just one thing today to celebrate with a sense of gratitude.



ACTion – I’m leaving on a jet plane


I am maudlin right now…we have put our 20 year old on a flight to London. She’s off on an airplane across the big ocean putting action to her dreams, which include London. Oh not that I am not thrilled for her. I am. Don’t get me wrong.  Who would have thought I’d have all this emotion after seeing her off cross country as a high school junior, and then off to college 5 hours from home two years later. This one has never shirked from action when her dreams are ahead of her.


Without action our dreams die a death right before us. We might have vision but action puts that vision into play as we march straight into destiny. This one is marching straight into destiny. She’s heard it from everyone – those whose words carry weight – and those who don’t realize what they are speaking. Friends and acquaintances calling destiny forth.


I suppose there is a measure of comfort in that – the seeing the destiny lying ahead of you. The thing you were birthed for. The plan that was in place while you were even in your mother’s womb.


I met John on a Mississippi riverboat last weekend. Turns out he was on a quest of which he knew not. He had sold everything to pursue a vision, actually more like a dream. He had had two dreams, he told me. In one he was going into Mexico. And in the other he was coming out. Round about this time the idea must have come – sell it all and get out – the farm; the belongings; the trappings that tie you down. So sell it he did – even just left some if it lying there on the land when the time came to go. And we ran into him on a Mississippi riverboat. Heard a bit of his story. Got to say a prayer for him as he started his Epic Journey. “You know,” he told me quietly as tears came to his eyes, “it’s not always a pleasant journey. I’ve buried two sons and a granddaughter.” And he’s leaving 2 sons and more grandchildren as he moves forward into whatever is awaiting him. He plans to go to “Cabo Saint Lucas” and spend a couple of weeks there. We’ll see if destiny finds him. I think it will.


My 20-year will spend four months in London. We’ll see if destiny finds her. But as much as it pertains to her, and John, they are doing their part. They are acting on the dream within their hearts, yearning for a destiny they may have very well been seeking since they day they were born.


Will they find it? I don’t know, to be honest. But I do know that action is required on our part. We cannot sit in our Lazy Boys waiting for destiny to smack us upside our chair. We’ve got to partner with action.. We’ve got to say, “Yes”. Like John did. Like my 20 year is. So here’s to you two ~ may the road rise up to meet you. May your Epic Journey be, well, epic. And may you encounter the destiny you were born to embrace.